What Are Unarmed Guards Good For?

Unarmed Guards in OhioShould you use unarmed guards at your company? Are they able to protect you against possible threats? They are unarmed. So how are they keeping you and your employees and your clients safe?

In Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Canton unarmed guards are a popular means of maintaining the safety of public spaces, as well as that of private companies or corporates.

First of all, let’s see what the responsibilities of unarmed guards are: they are responsible with providing security services to low risk venues. So if you are thinking that in a bank the guards are unarmed, you’re wrong, because the bank is not a low risk venue. But a supermarket could be, and so could be the headquarters of your company.

In Canada, for example, the country’s federal laws restrict the ability of security guards to be armed. The security guards need to pass several tests and examinations, just as they do in the US; if they fail to pass these exams, they are not allowed to practice anymore.

Unarmed guards are a core element of any security service; they are paid to protect people, assets and property, as well as other various goods. They are usually privately employed.

By the way, did you know that before the 1980s the security guards used to be called watchmen? The term had been used since the middle Ages in Europe and it was brought on the American continent, where a new expression emerged: that of night-watchman.

Modern titles changed the traditional nomination of watchmen, but the job they undertake remains the same. They are civilian personnel whose main duty is to maintain peace in low-risk buildings and premises. They do this by observing for signs of crime, disorder or fire. The main tools they use are: video surveillance cameras, patrolling, or by supervising the alarm systems installed in a building.