Security service in Akron, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH

Willow Security provides a range of services throughout Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio. If you need a security service, they can help. They can supply body guards, security guards, patrol guards, armed guards, unarmed guards, private investigators as well as security equipment and systems.

Security guards can play an important role in the security and safety of a facility, apartment, resort or business. There may be several reasons why you need some form of security service. This could be to protect assets and people and to act as a deterrent. Security guards can protect entrances, malls, parking lots, perimeters, airports, hospitals and so on.

Security guards are also useful for providing event security. Whether your event is a private party, a school party, a festival, a rock concert, a wedding, a sports event or any other type of event, Willow has the security team and guards who can help keep your event secure and safe. Their team will work closely with you dealing with various aspects of event security, from planning to implementation.

They can also help with personal security for celebrities, VIPs and other high profile individuals. Their highly skilled personal bodyguards know their job and know how to protect high profile people. Security officers are also trained in human relations and are often able to diffuse and deescalate a situation. Just because a security officers have a stern job, does not mean they are not friendly or sociable.

Mobile patrol is another important aspect of security service. Vehicle patrol and rapid response can help keep your people and assets safer and more secure. Mobile patrol units can monitor various facilities in a neighborhood including building complexes, housing complexes, schools, parking lots and so on. They can also respond quickly to any incident or alarm.