Security service in Akron, Canton and Cincinnati, FL

A single source for any security service

Willo Security offers a complete range of protection and investigative services in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Ohio and can help you with guards, personal safety and event security. It does not matter what type of security service you need, they can help. Whether you need building security, residential security or event security or personal security, they have the right solutions for you.

Guards can perform an effective security service simply by being present and visible. The mere presence of guards, whether armed or unarmed, acts as deterrent to criminals and wrongdoers. Deterrence is the first form of prevention and surely a preferred one. Unarmed guards can provide an important security service at building entrances, at events and in public places as well as areas that require patrol. In certain cases, armed guards could provide an additional level of security. Personal guards can provide protection for VIPs and high-profile individuals.

Investigative work is often another form of a security service. Of you have experienced a breach of security at your work or facility, a proper investigation could highlight weaknesses and security risks. Patrol officers also play an important role in security. Whether its perimeter patrol, street patrol or rapid response, it helps to keep people and assets safe.

High-tech equipment such as alarms, access control systems and video surveillance is important to residential and commercial security and safety.

A security service can multifaceted and multidimensional. It can be in the form of guard services, armed guard services, investigation work, patrol services, personal bodyguards, high the equipment or a combination of these.

When you need a single source solution for your security requirements, a company such as Willo can help. The can provide you with solutions for business security, residential security, home security, facility security, events security or personal security.