Security guards in Canton, Cleveland and Columbus, OH

The advantages of hiring professional security guards for your workplace

No matter how small or big your establishment is, you need to handle constant threats. Here lies the main reason as to why you require enlisting the assistance of a highly reputable security company. It is here where we at Willo Security can help. By hiring the services of our security guards you can reap untold benefits and also enjoy peace of mind. Our service areas include Akron, Canton, Cincinnati and Columbus.

Why choose us?

  • Provide a sense of security- in fact the mere presence of a security guard in your business premise will provide you, your customers and your employees with a sense of security and peace of mind. Your employees will be more productive and efficient when they know that they are safe. Besides, it will increase employee retention as well
  • Prevent crimes- our guards will deter crimes as they are trained in assessing any suspicious activity. They can prevent this from happening prior to its escalating and turning into a problem.
  • Promote excellent customer services- our guards also serve as excellent customer service ambassadors.
  • Handle security issues- our guards are trained from time to time for tactfully responding to different forms of safety issues. During an actual crime, they will be the best people that can take care of the situation. Our guards will promptly reach the site, apprehend the suspects, secure the victim, interview witnesses and check the place for safety risks and obstructions.
  • Maintain a secure and safe environment- our guards are properly trained and are highly experienced in different practices like seeing visitor credentials, restricting access to places, monitoring video surveillance and after-hour patrolling

At Willow Security every security guard is carefully selected depending on their skills, attitude and professionalism. They are completely trained in various forms of security practices right from crowd control techniques, apprehension, panic and fear amelioration, risk management, crime detection as well as prevention. So make the most of their services.