Security Guards in Akron, Cincinnati, Columbus, OH

Security guards and service for your event or facility

Traditional security guards still play an important role at events, in shopping malls and other places where people gather and hang out.  If you need security guards in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus or Ohio you should contact Willo Security. They can supply unarmed guards, armed guards or even a custom security service for your special event.

Unarmed patrol guards can be very useful in shopping malls where they will provide a comforting presence to shoppers, retailers and store owners. Unarmed security guards can also be used to patrol specific areas such as car parks, buildings and apartments. There mere presence will also act as a deterrent to crime, unruly or unwanted behavior.

Well trained security guards know how to respond to situations, events and incidents and can help defuse a situation that could otherwise turn ugly. They can also help and assist people with anything from simple directions to assisting with first aid or related functions should someone be in distress.

Armed guards are usually required for high risk activities such as cash in transit and cash machine refills. Armed guards can also act as body guards, protect sensitive buildings and facilities or be present at special events where there might be a reasonable risk of crime or terror.

A proper security service is essential at any large or special event, be it a music concert, a game, a celebrity function or a fair. Event security requires proper planning and application to ensure effective crowd control, traffic control, surveillance, intervention and emergency response.  An event security service has to ensure the wellbeing and safety of patrons, spectators, performers, vendors and all people involved. A security service should also play a role in site inspection ensuring the venue is safe and suitable for the planned event.