Security Guards and Security Service in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus and Surrounding Areas

Willow Security can supply you with highly trained security guards in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Ohio. They can help you with both armed and unarmed security guards. Whether you need events security, shopping mall security, patrol services or private security, Willow Security can help.

Security guards play an important role in public safety and order. The presence of security guards in certain settings is essential to law and order. Firstly the presence of security guards act as a deterrent to unwanted acts and behavior. Security guards are also trained to spot things that are out of the ordinary. Should and incident occur they are trained to deal with it. Often, they can defuse a situation before it escalates. Apart from safety and order, security guards are also there to help. It could be a simple thing of helping someone with information or a more challenging task of assisting someone in distress.

Certain settings call for unarmed guards whereas others may require armed guards. For example the presence of armed guards in a shopping center may be unsettling. Unless there is a clear and present danger, unarmed guards will be all that is needed in such settings. When you are dealing with high risk areas and assets such as cash refills at auto banks or cash in transit, armed guards will be a better idea. If you are VIP or high-profile person you may well need the services of a personal body guard.

Whether you need event security in Ohio, motorized patrols in Akron, armed security in Canton, shopping mall security in Cincinnati, VIP security in Cleveland, facility security in Columbus or a personal body guard in Ohio, Willow Security can help. They provide a comprehensive range of security services and will help ensure your event or facility is safe and protected.