Private Investigator Unarmed Guards in Canton and Akron Ohio

 Unarmed guards and private investigators from a reliable security company

When you need a professional guard service in Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron or Canton you need look no further than Willo Security. They have fully trained and licensed guards who can perform various guard services, including patrols, monitoring and crime prevention. Whether you need unarmed guards for low security situations or armed guards for more sensitive facilities or events, Willo Security has uniformed guards to perform the job.

They also provide unarmed guards for special events, be it a public or private event. Whether you need security for a music concert, for a sporting event or a private wedding, Willo Security can supply the guards and marshals you need. They also have the management team that can assist with security planning of you event from set-up to tear-down.

They also offer motorised patrol that can rapidly respond to a security situation. There patrol vehicles and security guards are available to patrol residential areas, industrial areas, parking lots and any other commercial area or facility.

If you need a private investigator to handle your case, Willo Security can help.  They perform all types of investigative work including background checks, marital cases, custody cases, insurance claims as well as fraud and theft cases.

Their highly trained and skilled private investigators understand the art of discreet investigation and all the tasks that are required to collect and analyse crucial evidence.  A private detective knows where to find the evidence your need. They know where to look, who to talk to, who to follow and when to act.  Their work includes overt and covert surveillance, forensics, evidence analysis and presentation.  With a private investigator on your side you have a much better chance of solving your case quickly and efficiently. The alternative of trying to do it be yourself could be much more risky and dangerous.