Private Investigator in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron and Canton

Unarmed guards or private investigator form a reliable security firm

If you need unarmed guards in Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron or Canton you need look no further than Willo Security. They offer a single source solution for guard services for functions, events, buildings, parking lots, facilities and other sensitive areas. All their guards are state licensed, screened, certified, properly trained and reliable.

Unarmed guards are useful for deployment in public places and at public events. They are useful for functions such as crowd control, concierge service, retail monitoring, lobby greeting and other events and functions where firearms could pose a risk to civilians. Generally armed guard should not be deployed in public areas.  Using armed guards in public places or civilian events could send out the wrong message and you could also be held liable if someone is shot and injured.

You only want to use armed guards where there is real risk of attack or robbery such as when dealing with money transfers, jewelry, artwork or protecting high security facilities.  Unarmed guards or also cheaper and can be just as effective in deterring and preventing disturbances as armed guards.

Apart from unarmed guard services, Willo security also offers investigative services. If you need a private investigator in Ohio, you should speak to one of the detectives at Willo. Their private investigators or experienced and will deal with any case you might have in a discreet and professional manner. They handle all kinds of cases including infidelity, custody issues, accident injury investigations, fraud, theft, missing persons and more. So whether your case is of a domestic nature or a criminal one, don’t hesitate to obtain the services of a professional PI. Dealing with feelings of suspicion, doubt and wonder will only cause emotional trauma and distress. When a have private investigator on your side you have a much better chance of solving your case and getting your life back to normal.