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Facts And Myths About Private Investigators


A lot of people have misconceptions about the job of a private investigator, and this is mostly due to the fact that there are a lot of action movies with private detectives. Although there are many services that private investigators can perform, there are many other things that they aren’t allowed do.

Being a private investigator doesn’t mean that they can act as a policeman without the license and do what a policeman does. Check out to see which facts are real and which are myths.

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Private investigators get access to a protected information

One of the big myths about private investigators is that people believe they can get access to protected information. It often happens in the movies, but in reality they are not allowed to enter into government servers or private accounts. For example they can find out where certain people have their bank accounts, but they can’t get the actual bank account information.

They are not allowed to trespass on private property

In movies, private investigators often trespass someone’s private property to get hold of information. In reality they are not allowed to do that without the permission of the home or property owner. Same goes for private mails. Private investigators can face charges if they open private mails.

Can’t record private conversation and wiretap phones

Wiretapping phones and recording private conversation is also something that a private investigator is not allowed to do. But, in some states this is allowed if one party is aware of the recording or wiretapping.

There is an exception, if the private investigator is in a public space and the noise is loud enough for anyone to hear then they can record.

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