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Missing Persons Investigations: Guidelines

You’d like to know how you could find someone and learn more about missing persons investigations…?

Of course, you begin with the information you already have and then establish what you need to find out. Your search might take some time while you contact everyone you think may have a piece of the puzzle ( relatives, lawyer, caseworker, former neighbor).

By using different search engines in your missing persons investigations quest, you might obtain different results. When performing searches, remember to put your search phrase in quotation marks (eg. “name of the missing person”) to improve the relevance of your results.

These are the top 4 search engines by usage: Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.

In addition, there are two other search engines that might work for you: Yahoo People Search and Switchboard. You can find here 106 million addresses and telephone numbers from US.

A less well known search engine that might come in handy for your missing persons investigations is Zabasearch. This website lists different types of information for US citizens, including phone numbers, birth years, addresses (current and past) and so on. Although there are privacy concerns regarding Zabasearch, as controversial as the subject is, it’s still very helpful.

You should also look into social networking web sites. Most people under the age of 30 have some sort of profile on a social network. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook , Linkedin, Google+, and MySpace.

Don’t overlook the following: directory assistance, libraries, public records, state records, federal records!

If you run out of time to devote to the search, you may consider hiring a private investigator. A private investigator’s database may save you time and effort from the start. An investigator can access the Main Name Index-a-listing of names in the United States. An investigator can also call up an address on the Address Update Index-the top half of a credit report.

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