Private Investigator and Private Detective in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Ohio and Nearby Cities

Willow Security can help you with a private investigator in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus or Ohio. Their private detectives have many years’ experience and put the latest equipment and technologies to work to help solve your case. They have detectives who work corporate cases, detectives who work domestic cases and detectives who work criminal cases. Whatever your situation, Willow Security with have the right private investigator for you.

When a matter involves money or love or emotions, you may well need the services of a private investigator. Private investigators can deal with all kinds of cases including corporate investigations, personal cases and criminal cases. Corporate investigations often involve fraud, spying or employee theft. Domestic cases often involve infidelity and child custody. Other cases could relate to an accident, a missing person and trace skipping.

Private investigators are often contracted by law firms who require evidence for a client’s case. Companies and individuals can also benefit from the services of a private detective. Whether your case involves insurance fraud, intellectual property theft, corporate espionage, accident claims, infidelity or child alimony, you need evidence and proof.

A private investigator knows what evidence to look for and where to look. He or she will be skilled in various disciplines such as tracing, surveillance, interrogation and related field work. A private investigator has a sharp eye for details and the ability to problem solve. He or she knows how to connect the dots. A private investigator is also supported by a back-office team who can perform important work such as research and forensics.

If you are losing money or sleep due to the wrongful or unfortunate actions of others, a private investigator might be able to help. Willow Security can provide you with a skilled investigator in in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus or Ohio.