Private investigator in Akron, Cleveland and Canton, OH

A private detective with the right traits, skills and equipment

If you need an experienced private detective in Akron, Cleveland or Columbus, OH, then Willo Security can help. They will assign a competent and licensed private investigator to handle your case. Not only are their private detectives highly trained and experienced, they are also equipped with latest tools and state of the art devices that are important in obtaining evidence and delivering results in the quickest possible time.

No case is too big or too small, too complicated or too basic. Whether you just need a pre-employment background check done, they have an investigator who can help you quickly and effectively. Maybe your case involves employee theft or fraud or perhaps you need to find someone who has conveniently disappeared. If there is evidence that has to be found or a person that has to be traced, a private detective has the skills, equipment and resources to find the evidence you need or the person that has gone missing. If you need surveillance in Akron or forensics in Cleveland or tracing in Columbus, a trained and experienced PI from Willo Security can help.

A private investigator has certain traits, skills and instincts that help him or her solve a case. Attention to detail is one of those essential traits that most private investigators possess. Something that might seem irrelevant to you and me will not escape senses of an experienced private detective – not if it is important. Patience is another trait of a good investigator. Investigative work could involve long hours of surveillance and other routine work. An experienced private investigator knows when to wait and watch and when to strike.

So when you need an expert in surveillance, tracing, tracking, computer forensics, legal investigations and more, then a skilled and experienced private investigator can help.