Private detective, investigator in Canton, Cincinnati, OH

A private investigator can help solve your case

A private investigator can help anyone who needs to find information and evidence relating financial, commercial, business, personal or criminal matters. If you need help in solving or building a case in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus or Ohio, then Willow Security can assist. It does not matter whether you have a basic case such as a background check or something more complex such as insurance fraud.

A private investigator performs a lot of work in the field doing tasks such as surveillance, following, tracking, questioning, interviewing, interrogating and more. However, an investigator also has to perform a fair amount of office work, reviewing evidence, conducting forensics, doing research, analyzing and planning.

Whether you need to find a missing person or build a case against a fraudster or thief or find and question witnesses, a private investigator has the skills, equipment and experience to get the job done effectively. A private detective can assist a wide range of investigations such as accident investigations, workmen compensation claims, insurance fraud, infidelity cases, child custody cases and many more.

When conducting an investigation, a detective will study the habits conduct and movements of people involved and use techniques such as surveillance, tracking and forensics. During this process the investigator will collect relevant evidence and build a case.

A private investigator has a keen eye for detail, and knows that things are important, could be important and where and when to look for specific details, information and evidence. A private investigator has the resources, skills, equipment and contacts to dig up the evidence and facts you need to solve and close your case.

Whether a private investigator does work for an individual, a law firm, a small business, a corporate or agency, he or she will perform investigative work with discretion and professionalism.