Patrol Guards and Security Company in Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH

Is the life of a patrol guard as interesting as you think?


Have you ever thought what a patrol guard does for a living? If your answer to this question is yes, then by reading this article you will find out interesting information that will help you understand exactly what this job refers to.

First of all, a patrol guard’s duties all almost the same as a security officer’s. They mainly have to ensure the security of a perimeter. While doing this, they have to permanently patrol the area in question and look for possible suspects. Also, in case of an event they have to write a report about what happened – the report will be used by the police or detectives to determine who is responsible for that event.

Furthermore, they also have to keep an eye on everyone who enters and leaves the perimeter they are supposed to protect. They do this by writing down the names and personal information about people who entered the facility during their shift. Also they may have to prevent passage of prohibited articles into a restricted area.

In addition, they also inspect windows and doors, in order to make sure that no one entered in the building or storage facility whose safety they are responsible with. They also have the right to use force in case someone tries to break into the area that they guard. But keep in mind that they do not have the right to be armed, and in case of a dangerous event they have the obligation of contacting legal authorities who are responsible with solving these cases.

As a consequence of the increasing number of companies that offer such services, there has been a decrease in the price people have to pay to hire patrol guards. So patrol guard services are available at affordable prices in areas such as Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, and even Canton.

In conclusion, we can admit that if your business and your house are protected by patrol guards, you no longer have to worry about trespassing, stealing, robbery, theft, and the like.