Patrol Guard and Guard Service in Akron, Canton or Cincinnati

Many duties and responsibilities of a patrol guard

Patrol guards still play an important role in facility security as they can be used for standing guard, facility patrol, crime prevention, access control as well as concierge services such as lobby greeting. Willo Security provides guards for a variety of duties in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Ohio.

A patrol guard or officer can fulfill many important duties and plays a big role in building or facility security. One of the main duties is to patrol the premises and to deter or prevent unwanted intrusions.  A patrol officer will always be alert to possible intrusions and will check the security of the perimeter as well as that of doors windows and gates.

A patrol guard can also allow or restrict entrance to the assigned premises and keep record of the entrance and departure of employees and visitors. He or she will also report back to a superior and provide a report about general activities, irregularities, incidents and any relevant events.

Coordination with local authorities and law enforcement services is another important of a security officer. He or she will know who to call if additional assistance is required. This could be the local police, the fire department or medical emergency services. An experienced and professional patrol guard will know when to call for backup and additional assistance.

The presence of a patrol officer also acts a deterrent to would be criminals but also serves to install a sense of security and safety among the staff and visitors.  A patrol guard will sometimes circulate among workers, patrons and other people on the premises in order to maintain order and act as a deterrent to unwanted behavior.

Operating security equipment and the screening of visitors and parcels are also important tasks that patrol and security officers may need to perform.

However a patrol guard also fulfills concierge related duties such as answering a phone, helping visitors with questions and improving customer service.