Patrol Guard and Guard Service in Akron, Ohio

A Short Overview Of A Patrol Guard: License, Uniforms And Rule Enforcement


The security guard is also known as a guard service. Their responsibilities include protecting their clients’ properties and assets. These people are not armed, instead they are civilian personnel employed to serve and protect.

These people are employed by a security service company. In its turn, the company is contacted by private property owners. But private property owners from Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Canton are not the only ones who can resort to the services of a patrol guard company.

In many cases guards are needed in a lot of public spaces, such as parks or shopping malls.

What is more, there are some countries in which the security guard is trained by the country’s state. For example, in Romania the security guards can be trained by the army or the police. When they retire they stand great chances of being hired as security guards. Their work background in an area of national defense recommends them as highly trained and specialized in providing property owners with the safety they need.

Patrol guards need to be licensed in order to be able to hold this position. But whether licensed or not, their role is to serve and protect service standards by property owners.

There are two types of guards: public and in-house. Obviously, in-house guards are the ones who protect private assets and properties. They too are regulated and have been so since 2009.

Law dictates that any patrol guard from Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Canton must wear a uniform at work. What is more, their uniform needs to display the words “Security” and “Guard” or “Patrol”.

And since every kind of property belongs to someone, their owners are entitled to making up their own rules regarding their properties. However, whenever someone is seen trespassing, a patrol guard can use moderate force to remove them.