Infidelity investigations in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, OH

Infidelity can play havoc with emotions and state of mind. If you suspect your spouse or lover is messing around you may want to consider infidelity investigations in order to get to the real truth. Willow Security provides private detective services in Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, OH including infidelity services.

When someone cheats on you it hurts emotionally. When your girlfriend, boyfriend, lover or spouse cheats on you it can be agonising. But what if you don’t know for sure? Maybe you just have suspicions, a hunch. Maybe you are picking up on tell-tale signs such as sudden trips out of state or unusual late nights at the office. Not knowing can be just as agonising as knowing for sure.

Suspicions are often well-founded and according to statistics woman who suspect are correct 85% of the time, while men who suspect are correct 50% of the time. Cheating happens a lot and often the other half is unaware of the infidelity.

There are many tell tales signs such as changes in intimacy, changes in routine, changes in appearance, suspicious internet activities and suspicious phone habits.

Infidelity investigations can help you establish the real facts. In order to find the evidence and real facts a private detective will perform the required tracking and surveillance. Photos and even video footage could confirm an affair beyond a doubt.

However, it might not be so straight forward. A cheating lover might be taking special care not be caught. A detective may employ various investigative techniques such as computer forensics, questioning, following, waiting, watching, advanced surveillance and camera work.

The evidence might not be pleasant. In fact, it can be heart wrenching. But in the end, infidelity investigations can provide you with the evidence you need to make informed decisions and take appropriate action.