Armed Guards in Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, Canton, and Surrounding Areas

No place is safe anymore; schools, churches, concerts, there’s a threat is constantly looming over our heads. We have to take extra precautions every time we plan some events. Hiring professional armed guards will be a good option. Willo Security has more than 2 decades of experience in the security industry. Over the years we have developed a sense of understanding, practical knowledge of, and hands-on participation in providing security guards both armed and unarmed throughout Ohio. Our guards include some of the industry’s top-grade professionals who are extensively trained and have a personal dedication to upholding the name of our company. They can maintain due diligence, handle big crowds, and can bring out the most effective outcome in every scenario to protect the people and their property.

Armed Guards in Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, Canton

Below we have mentioned 3 vital advantages of hiring armed security guards. Take a look.

  • They receive advanced training

Armed guards go through a more rigorous training routine than any other regular security guard. They are trained to use their weapon, how to keep it safely, and to be more vigilant. Also, armed security personnel will give you more confidence to enjoy the event without any worry.

  • They receive deeper background checks

Their pre-employment background checks are more thorough. They have to apply for a permit to carry a weapon; hence, they cannot have a criminal record. They have to go through complete FBI background checks including fingerprint scanning.

  • They are more effective deterrent

A security guard that too with a weapon can put up a strong presence which might prevent the criminals from going ahead with their plan. Since these guards might look like police officers from a distance, it is effective in preventing crimes.

So, if you want to hire armed guards in the regions of Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati, Akron, Cleveland, and Canton, you can contact us.