Armed Guards in Cincinnati

Willo Security can supply you with armed guards in Cincinnati, Cleveland or Ohio. They hire the best patrol guards and provides extensive on-going training to ensure their armed guards remain at the top of their game.

Armed guards can provide effective security at events, at sensitive facilities, for cash in transit, for VIP and celebrity protection as well as other high risk situations. Both armed and unarmed guards play an important role in safety and security. Unarmed guards can be quite effective in preventing or deterring unwanted behavior.  However, when you face a potentially more serious criminal, armed guards will be a better option.

Terrorism is a big threat facing the civilised world. The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun. But security is not just about guns. Both armed and unarmed guards are trained to be vigilant and to notice things out of the ordinary. For example, an unattended package, an unattended car, a person behaving suspiciously. Most times such things will be harmless, but it that one in a million times that the situation is everything but harmless.

Armed guards present a strong deterrent to criminal and unwanted acts. Armed guards can also respond with appropriate force should a situation demand or warrant the use of force.  Both armed and unarmed guard are trained to defuse a situation and manage a situation.  Such training can often prevent a situation from spiralling out of control.

Armed guards are generally more effective in protecting high risk businesses and facilities such as banks, jewellery stores, large events, power plants and refineries.  Armed guards can also provide personal security to high profile individuals such as politicians, celebrities and business executives.