Armed Guards in Canton, Columbus, Ohio, and all the Surrounding Areas

In the uncertain world that we are living in, the security of your business house as well as the employees should definitely be your top priority. You should know the right ways of protecting your investment, staff, facilities and also, yourself. Else, the outcome can be reduced efficiency, failed projects, injury, illness, additional costs, higher insurance premiums and even death. Here, the best step will be to hire the services of armed guards from a reputable company such as Willo Security. The very presence of these guards will heighten the self-confidence of any person who inhabits the area. Undoubtedly, people will feel more protected and at ease knowing that the guards are present. Our guards are licensed and trained, and will offer you with the best protection possible. People residing in and around Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Ohio can make the most of our security services. 

A Brief on the Specialty of Our Armed Guards  

When you hire the services of our guards, you can be benefited in the following ways: 

  • Has More Training– Since they are armed they undergo more training than the unarmed guards due to the use of the weapons. They have passed every standard that has been set by the state.  
  • Deeper Background Checks– Though all guards receive a pre-employment background check, but those who are armed will require to apply for a permit for carrying a weapon. Our guards have undergone a background check along with fingerprinting as well, as a part of investigation especially from the FBI. They have met every legal need and have been issued with a license for carrying the weapon. 

Although there are multiple benefits of hiring the services of our armed guards, but the above-mentioned three are the most important ones. In fact, these are the top 3 reasons why clients will choose armed over unarmed security. For bookings or more information, simply contact us at our toll free number 800-875-2939. Be rest assured, this will be a decision that you will never regret.