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A security company to help address your security concerns and requirements


Security is a bigger concern today than ever before. The world has become more complicated, more unpredictable and more violent. Willow Security provides and comprehensive range of security services designed to keep you, your assets, projects and investments safer. If you need security services in Akron, Canton, Cincinnati or Columbus, then Willow can help.


When it comes to security you want to deal with a company that has been around a while and has the experience to provide you with security solution that work and are effective.  Security services in include guard services, patrol services, security systems, emergency response as well as investigative services.


Guard services can be in the form of armed guards, unarmed guards, a few guards or many guards. A security company such as Willow will be able to assess your security concerns and recommend a guard service to address those concerns.  You won’t likely need armed guards in a shopping mall unless there exists a real and present danger. In fact, armed guards in a populated environment such as shopping mall won’t be good for business. Armed guards are often deployed in more defined areas where the risk of an incident such as an armed robbery is higher. Cash in transit, emptying of cash machines and similar situations often require the presence of armed guards.


Large events such as concerts and sporting events also require the presence of guards. A security company can arrange your event security from the initial planning through to implementation and completion. Even small high-profile events require surety planning an execution.


Other forms of security services include body guard services, alarm response, mobile patrol, building security and more. Whatever your security concerns and needs, a security company such as Willo Security has the experience, knowledge and resources to help.


Akron, Canton, Cincinnati, Columbus OH Security Company. Private Detective services in Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Ohio.