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How Unarmed Guards Are Identifying Psychological Signs Of Violence

When working as unarmed guards people have to learn how to identify and settle an emerging conflict. Because they are, well, unarmed, the possibility of someone becoming violent and using guns or other weapons is something they don’t want to experience.

So here are some of the tactics unarmed guards from Ohio, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Canton are using to identify and eliminate emerging violence:

The way people walk is one of the first signs of possible violence, of course you can make the difference between someone who wants to buy a new pair of jeans and someone who is looking for trouble. They walk faster, are very agitated and nervous, and they usually have a fixed look.

Then, you can tell the aggressors from others because of the way they talk and the tone they use. Their speech is pitched, their voice is loud and they want to be heard by everyone. They shout and they use threats. This is when unarmed guards should intervene and settle the discussion.

Finally, you learn to trust your own instincts. After having worked for a couple of years in the field, you should be able to “see” people who are dangerous. If a person’s behavior makes you feel uncomfortable around them, then there is surely a good reason why you can’t be at ease with them.

The most dangerous kind of attacker is the one who uses violence without any previous signs. They simply burst out in anger and resort to violence. That is the moment when the security guards’ physical training comes into place; they often have to use force to calm down the attacker.

If you find yourself in such a situation you need to learn the signs of violence and you also need to be able to identify them before things get out of control. Knowing what to do can keep you away from danger, in the safe zone.